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About Coach Felicia

In the words of bestselling author Lisa Nichols, Coach Felicia is an “instant girlfriend” whose “message crosses gender, socio-economic, cultural and religious lines because it is that of the human spirit.” Certified Empowerment Coach™, Felicia T. Scott was recently selected from over a thousand speakers, to become eWomenNetwork’s 2012 North America’s Next Greatest Speaker. Touted as one of “today’s leading motivational speakers” by ESSENCE magazine, she shares radical strategies and authentic wisdom infused with unsinkable hope and infectious inspiration that empowers listeners to discover the inner drive to transform their lives, relationships and careers.

Coach Felicia believes that when one wins—we all win. Every one matters and together we’re unstoppable. “Greatness lies in the heart of every human being. My mission is to help others hear its call and respond!” She has seen this truth bear results in her ten-plus years as a life and executive coach working with Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, authors and leaders to develop the skills and mindset they need to get “unstuck” and realize their potential for leadership and impact. Her acumen for bringing out the best in others has led to guest appearances across various media platforms, including “Good Morning Texas” TBN and “CTN Live!”

The author of Thrive! 7 Strategies for Extraordinary Living and a bi-weekly column, Living the Empowered Life, Coach Felicia reaches an audience of over 250,000 women from all walks of life with her wit, wisdom and uncanny ability to “TEACH, TOUCH and TRANSFORM.”

Blending the power of her personal experience, academic training and professional career, Coach Felicia’s message of personal promise and potential reaches the at-home-mother raising children, the college student preparing to start their career, the transitional professional planning to change careers or gears and the CEO running a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Her compelling, personal and professional narrative has lead to engagements with clients such as P&G, Ketchum, National Association of Black MBAs, National Association of Black Journalists, Kaplan, Pearson Education and Fordham University.

A Miami native now residing in New York, Coach Felicia lives by the motto “If you move towards your dreams, they will move towards you. Find out how you can make this world better and then step up to the table and bring it!” Visit Coach Felicia at and follow her @AskCoachFelicia.