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Make Your Life A Masterpiece: 12-Step Transformation Blueprint

Image of Make Your Life A Masterpiece: 12-Step Transformation Blueprint



What if I told you that you could change your life for less than you spend on an average NY lunch? That change you want is completely possible, within your reach.

What if I told you that you could find deeper relationships, love yourself more and finally get help achieving the goals that have frustrated you for so long?

Would you believe me? You should because my new program...Make Your Life A Masterpiece: A 12-Step Transformation Blueprint (MYLAM) is chock full of tips, strategies and the support you need for exciting transformation!

MYLAM is a 12-month revolving program that will focus on teaching you the life skills that make the difference between surviving and thriving!

Each month you and I (with some likeminded friends) will get together for a LIVE seminar. There you will get the "for real" deal on some of life's most challenging issues. Believe it or not…you don’t LACK the opportunities or resources you need! You only need to learn how to get what you desire out of what you already have! Let’s get to the sweet spot!

Topics to Include the Following and More:

-Maintaining Your Frame: The Art & Necessity of Setting Boundaries
-Forgiveness: Clearing The Path For Future Success
-Outsmarting Adversity: Winning The Mental Game During Hard Times
-Bouncing Back: Cultivating An Attitude of Resilience

THEN, we’ll open up the line for some live coaching and questions. You ever hear something that inspires you and you’d like to know more, ask more? Well, NOW you can!

After Each Session, You Will Receive:

-A transcript of our talk—In case you miss something JUICY in your note taking
-The MP3 recording—so you can get something new every time you listen
-Activities/worksheets that will help you GET INTO ACTION
-Support in our private Facebook community

So if you turn down your plate one LUNCHTIME a month…you can TURN UP your love, joy, abundance and success for a LIFETIME!

Since this is a revolving program, you can enter at any time. Your 12-month subscription will last a year from your actual start date. Don't worry about missing any of the topics, because the topics repeat the same time, every year. Start in April and your program will end April 2015.