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Get the Love You're WORTH Mastermind Circle - 2 PAYMENTS

Image of Get the Love You're WORTH Mastermind Circle - 2 PAYMENTS


You're ready to get the love you're worth! I know this because YOU told me you are! Well, I am ready to serve you.

Here's How:

I'm inviting 20 women (that's it...just 20) to join me in the Get The Love You're Worth Mastermind Circle. So, if you and a girlfriend have been complaining about making the same mistakes over and over... forward her this email and encourage her to join us!

How does it work?

You'll be invited to schedule a private 60-minute coaching session with me, where the only focus is YOU and finding what you want out of love.

After our session, you'll be given an individual growth assignment and growth plan for the duration of the program. Each week, you and I will exchange emails to check on your progress.

Twice a month (total of 8) we'll have LIVE calls. Each call will last approximately 60 minutes. These calls will be interactive as we talk about what everyone is experiencing. There will also be live coaching on the call for you to get your questions answered.

We will feature a special guest on some of these calls!

Who decides what we're talking about? YOU DO. Topics will be chosen based on trends in our private FaceBook community and feedback from our sessions. The last 4 weeks there will be a focus on DATING TO WIN!

When do I need to take action?

NOW! Registration is open for the next 7 days ( February 15 - March 1).



1 installment of $600
2 installments of $330 each
(1st payment due at registration and 2nd payment due 30 days after first installment)

How do I know this coaching program is for me?

1. You haven't dated in over six months
2. You get attached too soon
3. You put up walls and want others to perform for your love
4. You know you're getting crumbs, but haven't taken action to get better!

It's time to get the love you're worth...let's take some massive action!