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Cut the C-R-A-P! Intensive

Image of Cut the C-R-A-P! Intensive


Get Unstuck & Become Unstoppable! YES…You can move forward instead of constantly feeling stuck! Your life and business don’t have to move in a series of starts and stops as you sputter along the highway of life. You can THRIVE! It starts by getting over the things and people that have been getting over on you! It's time to Cut the C-R-A-P!

Join Coach Felicia as she shows you how to detox your life and business with her 30-day Cut the C-R-A-P! Intensive. Learn how to:

1. Build productive and powerful alliances that propel you into your dreams.
1. Redefine your failures so they become the greatest investments in your success.
3. Stay connected to your passions so you can thrive in the down times.
4. Increase your overall productivity with clarity and focus.


-2-hour intensive strategy session with the MP3 recording for reference.

-30-days of email coaching to experience radical change

Only those ready to take MASSIVE ACTION need apply.